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What is the Great Position for the Women in Islam?

January 11th, 2012

world muslim women praying 480x800 What is the Great Position for the Women in Islam?

In spite of the societal acceptance from female death between a few Arabian tribes, Holy Quran forbade this kind of custom and also considered this a crime similar to another murder. “And once the infant female buried in existence – is oppugned for exactly what offense she had been murdered”. (Al Quran in 81:8 to 9till). Criticizing the behavior of these mothers or fathers who reject the female children, so the Holy Quran states: Once news is delivered to anyone of these, of (the Delivery of) a girl (child) their face darkens as well as he’s filled up with inward tremendous grief! Along with disgrace really does he put out of sight on his own from the people due to the very bad news he’s had! Will he retain this infant girl on (sufferance) plus contempt and bury her under the dust(or in earth)? Ah! What the evil (choice) these people decide on? (Holy Quran in 16: 58 to 59). Significantly, from saving this female’s life in order that the girl could later suffer unfairness (and injustice) as well as inequality Islam demands kind and simply treatment and care for her.

In accordance with Islamic Laws, women can’t be pressured to get married to anybody without their own consent. Hazrat Ibane Abbass (prophet) described that a woman reached toward the Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad (PBUH), plus reported that this girl’s father had pressured on her to get married to without her permission. Messenger of Allah gave her this choice… (Between agreeing to the marriage and/or even invalidating this). The principles for marriage within Islam are obvious. Both have the same rights as well as claims on each other except for only one obligation which of leadership. It is an affair that is natural within every collective life plus that is consistent along with the character of male.

The Holy Quran consequently states “And these people (females) have rights the same to those people (of men) above them plus men are one degree over them”. (Holly Qur’an in 2:228). This degree is the Quiwama (protection and maintenance). It refers to which natural difference among sexes that entitles the feeble sexual to protection. This implies not superiority and advantage prior to the laws. Yet, man’s part of leadership within regards to the family doesn’t mean he’s boss over the wife. The Islam highlights the significance of getting counsel as well as mutual agreement within family decisions.

Holy Quran gives people an example: “… Once they (wife husband) wish to wean a child through mutual consent along with (after) consultation there’s no blame at them…” (Holy Qur’an in 2:233). Like the mother, Islam considered softness to the parents alongside the worship for Allah. “And we’ve enjoined on man (to become nice) to his mother and father: His mother carries him in the weakness on weakness…” (Holly Quran in 31:14) Additionally, the Holy Quran has the unique recommendation for great treatment of mother: “Your Allah has got decreed which you actually worship nothing save Him plus that you become tolerant to your mother and father…” (Al Qur’an in 17:23).

The Rules of Islam about Wife and Husband Sexual Relations

muslim couple The Rules of Islam about Wife and Husband Sexual Relations

The rules of husband and wife’s sexual relations in Islam are several and very simple. These explain bellow:

  • Lovemaking relations are for any pleasure of both husband and wife as well as for the procreation associated with children. Sexual intercourse isn’t limited to vaginal sexual penetration however, includes other sorts of sexual caressing for example fondling and kissing of numerous kinds.
  • Nothing at all should be done which is unpleasant and unhealthy for either person. Everyone has the duty or responsible to be sexually accessible to the other however, neither gets the right to dislike and injure each other.
  • With some exceptions, any couple could engage in any specific activities, which they enjoy in any manner plus in any position. Almighty Allah rewards these kinds of activities as definitely as he or she punishes sinful activities. Holy Qur’an says, “Females are your fields. Proceed then in to your fields like you please”.( in the 2:223)
  • It’s forbidden to get vaginal intercourse whilst a female is definitely menstruating (Holy Qur’an 2:222). In accordance to the Sunnah from the Prophet (Allah’s grace plus pbuh), a person and the menstruating wife could however provide one another pleasure as long as this woman vaginal is avoided.
  • You can find ahadith, which forbid anal intercourse. Additionally scholars commonly agreed that it’s not permissible. Nevertheless, in his tafsir (comments) Tabaari (third millennium A. H.) whilst forbidding sodomy, states that earlier experts had been divided about the question.
  • Holy Qur’an and Sunnah are usually silent regarding the various sorts that lovemaking relations might take. Most experts consider that it’s up to the wife and husband in love as well as mutual respect to make the decision how physically communicate their sex-related needs and desires.
  • What goes on inside bedroom, is a personal matter and shouldn’t be discussed or even revealed to another person until there is any necessity, for instance health or protection. Abu Hurairah narrates said that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned this regarding people who reveal along with discuss openly their own lovemaking practices: “Do you realize what those people who make this happen are like? Those people who make this happen are similar to a man and woman devil who meet one another on the road plus satisfy their desire whilst the people look them. “

Subsequently, in Islam husband and wife should select their sexual activities in accordance to the absolutely sure education of the Holy Qur’an. Additionally, in the light from the Sunnah as you are able to comprehend and appreciate this. Moreover, in mutual respect regarding one another with understanding that the only real witness to the appearance of their needs and desires will be Almighty Allah the Exalted, who’ll judge all of them according to his and her performance and his and her sincere intentions.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Married Life In Islam

December 6th, 2011
by Sufia

muslim marriage 480x333 Everything You Wanted To Know About Married Life In Islam

Prophet Muhammad, said: “The one who marry a girl because of wealth, Allah does not make him rich. The one who marry a girl because of beauty, God discovers what dislikes and what it was ugly. The one who marry a girl because of her faith,  Allah will give him a fortune“ .

In marriage husband and wife complete each other.

“Women are the clothes of yours and you are the clothes of their. Clothing has three purposes: to cover, protect and polish.

In Islam, a guy and a girl become permitted each other only when they get married .Every relationship outside of marriage is perversion.

The woman is more sensitive and physically weaker than men. She experiences life more emotionally and understand many things that man has never been able to understand. Every man has to know and respect this. She is physically weak, so the husband’s duty is to care for his family’s expenses. About this Allah says in his book: “Men take care of women because Allah has given the advantage of one over another”…

In Islam, the role of women and men are divided into: a woman is a mother and she is manager of housekeeping while the husband earns livelihood. Woman, with psyche and bodily structure is prepared to be a mother. Because of this important role, which requires all of her time, she was exempt from work and occupations outside the home.

The Quran even says: “They (women) have the same rights as husbands, but husbands  have the advantage over them for a degree.” Islam gives all the rights of woman and man, eg the right to work, education, spiritual elevation, intellectual development, but being a wife and mother were in the first place.

This man advantage for a degree by the fact that he is physically stronger and less susceptible to the emotions than women. Because the most important questions and decisions in family life Islam gives to husbands  last word. Proved by the fact that a woman listens to her feelings while man is more reliant on his intellect.

Divorce in Islam is undesirable. Prophet said: “Of all the things that are allowed by Islam, divorce is the worst.”

Finally, I ask Allah Ta’ala to show us the right path. Amen.

Muslim women as Wives

October 11th, 2011
by Sufia

“And of His signs are these: He created for you helpmates from yourselves that ye might find rest in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy.
[Holy Quran, 30:21]

Muslim women as Wives Muslim women as Wives

A Muslim woman has many different roles to perform. One of those roles is of being a wife. As a Muslim woman, she is always faithful to her husband, takes care of the children herself instead of leaving them in someone else’s hands. There are less divorces and less cheating on spouse in Muslim countries. In Islam, husband and wife are as a cloth, which covers each other, and they are supposed to live in love and peace. In Islam Wife is considered like an ointment for her husband who supports him through tough times.

As a wife, a Muslim woman enjoys many things as for example:

Muslim women as Wives1 Muslim women as Wives

The husband has to keep the promises that he made to his wife during the time of marriage. The husband has to provide her food, and fulfill her needs. He must respect her and pay attention to her, and listen to her advice in every situation. He cannot beat his wife.

The sad thing is that these rights are not enjoyed by most of the Muslim Women, and people of other countries are following these simple things and enjoying a peaceful life. This certainly is something that compels the person to stop and think what they have lost by not following the golden rules of Islam. Islam is based on simplicity and focuses on family life. Roles of husband and wife are well pre defined. For the sake of peaceful and blessed society, it is a must for both husband and wife to follow the true principles laid by Islam and fulfill the duties laid by Quran.

Muslim women are not inferior in any role they play. The male dominance and lack of information have disturbed the beautiful balance in the society.

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