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Womens Accessories Look

looks5 Womens Accessories Look

Islamic Designer Clothing

saouli1 Islamic Designer Clothing

Many women love, love Saouli! Saouli is a growing European fashion clothing brand complete with boutiques, and an awe-inspiring line of modern Islamic clothing.

I first fell in love with Saouli about back in 2008 when I found out about their US fashion debut in Chicago. Since then, I have been periodically checking their website for updates and finding nothing but a blank page.

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Urban Casual

LA Denim Jilbab Urban Casual

There is no uniform approach to language for Islamic dress. HIJAB is originally an Arabic word, referring to a drape or partition, which later came to refer to Islamic dress in general, but is now commonly metonymically reduced to the headscarf.

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Praying Muslim Women in Hijab

salah Praying Muslim Women in Hijab

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Who’s got a problem with hijab?

gotaproblemwithhijab Who’s got a problem with hijab?

Hijab Styles For Less

my pic Hijab Styles For Less

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