incompatible with advancement 480x491 Why is Muslim world so incompatible with advancement?

Muslim world revolves around Quran, the Holy Scripture. Most of the internal rules and laws are derivatives of Quran. Lack of education and adaptation of modernity is due to the inability of Muslims in creating new interpretations of the Holy Scripture.

Islam is a universal religion as it is claimed many times and the deep study of the religion proves the fact too for example; peace, democracy, welfare state, education, negotiations, diplomacy, business, women rights, law of war, inheritance laws and women rights here, and many more are the concepts of 21st century yet they were given in Islam, centuries ago. This shows the compatibility and universality of the religion in general.

Muslim maulvis (who are responsible for Islamic education) are generally qualified only in Islamic education and no know how of modern education what so ever. They are never taught any other theory, subject or anything than Islam and the worst thing is that they are not taught any interpretations of Islam; hence, their untrained minds are stuck to only one perspective of the world. This is the same that happened in Europe during the glorious days of church. Muslim maulvis lack of interpretations lead to general lack of modernity of thought because many people would authenticate maulvis superiority considering them holy and respectable.

Since the general public in Muslim countries is exposed to these maulvis and their conservative ideas, they never get out of the 8th century setting that has been imprinted on the minds of Muslim scholars without any modification at all. This lack of adaptation has hindered the development process of Muslim nation because their initial and most basic information remains faulty.

One of the biggest disasters of lack of adaptation and explanation is to be seen in the Muslim guerilla organizations like al-Qaeda or many others. These organizations are a consequence of preaching of jehad without reason and adaptation. The reason that jehad holds, is forgotten and now the concept is used for manipulation for political purposes. Whereas the maulvis would like to preach jehad as a basic concept of Islam, they always miss out the point that how much Islam stresses peace and prosperity.

Moulvi culture, lack of faith and weak belief in Allah Subhana wa Tallah are all inter connected to one and another. These factors and many others are impacting the true spirit of religion. Islam is more than a set of rules and regulations. It encompasses all the aspects of life of a human and complete code of life for the Muslims. Flaw is not in the teachings but in belief and practices of the so-called followers of Islam.