Aisha and Khadijah Maybe Allah wants you to become like Aisha and Khadijah

Apart from Ameenah, the Prophet’s (SAW) mother, the two other most influential women in his life are Khadijah bint Khuwaylid and Aishah bint Abu Bakr. The two of them played two very distinct, but equally important roles in the life of Muhammad and in the history of Islam. Khadijah was the very first wife of the Prophet (SAW) and the very first woman to become a Muslim. She was a solid supporter of the Prophet and Islam during the very early days, using her wealth and moral support to the advantage of Islam. The Prophet extolled her virtues even in the presence of his other wives after she was long gone.

Khadijah was a very good example of the true meaning of jihad. She spent her time, money and emotions to ensure that Islam got firmly rooted during its early beginnings. Even though she was older than the prophet was in age, she respected him, supported him and comforted him. Though, Allah would not have allowed the Prophet to fail, but Khadijah was a viable instrument to that success.

After the death of Khadijah, Muhammad (SAW) got married to Aisha based on recommendation from a number of companions, including willingness by Abu Bakr to marry his daughter to the Prophet. Aisha was married to the Prophet for about a decade before his death. During this period, she gained a lot of Islamic knowledge from the Prophet and was aware of the time some revelations came to him. After the Prophet’s death, she transmitted most of this knowledge stating some of the acceptable practices during times of disputes among the believers. Some scholars refer to her as the “Fountain of knowledge”, while other state that she is the “Mother of the Believers”.

Aisha was actively involved in the affairs and politics of Islam during the first three caliph reigns after the death of the prophet. Thus, she became more influential and contributed to the propagation of Islam. At some point during these years, she made some public speeches and even participated in battles. Definitely, she remained a shining light for the women of Islam even during the absence of the Prophet.

Now, let us track back to the main theme this article seeks to elaborate what Allah wants the women to be. Both of these two women have played prominent roles in Islam, Almighty Allah may wish you to act as Aisha and Khadijah in your current society today. The most important thing for you is to understand your role and use it to advance Islam. To be an Aisha, you will need to be purposeful, gain relevant knowledge, be outspoken and speak the truth at all times based on the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith. To be Khadijah you will have to be devoted, sacrificing and full of love. All these qualities will make you a true Muslima and Momina seeking pleasure of Allah.