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Benefits of Wudu in Health and Beauty

wudu 480x396 Benefits of Wudu in Health and Beauty

Islamic prayer Salat is proceeded by Wuduh or ablution that contributes
greatly towards the health of the individual and as results beauty also
enhances as it cleans one’s heart, soul and body. New researches also prove
that washing face 5 times a day for Salat deeply cleanses skin and keeps the
skin radiant. Islamic point of view considers radiant and healthy skin as the
noor (illuminating light) of Allah on the face of believer as our Holy Prophet
(PBUH) is one of the examples.

Oral Hygiene is another significant consequence of the Wuduh. The mouth
is rinsed and the teeth are brushed with miswak (a plant) and surely cause
a considerable decrease in all the infections in the mouth, teeth and gums.
Having clean and shiny teeth adds on the beauty of smiling face and helpful
in producing a million dollar smile.

Wuduh has also a very undeviating connection with the Istanja practice a
process of washing genitals after urinating. Istanja routine prevents urinary
tract Infections (UTI’s) and ensures the healthiness and fitness of body. As
if any drop of urine remains on the body, an impurity must be removed to
remain healthy.

Islam is the only religion that directly contributes to the personal health
and beauty, by providing Islamic system and teachings for men and women
to live their lives peacefully. In Quran Allah swt, says that Allah is Jameel
(Beautiful beyond imagination) and He loves the beauty. Islam being the
deen (religion) of Allah and Islamic teaching based upon Quranic words
and Hadees (actions and sayings of the last prophet in Islam) imparts and
focuses on the significance of appearing beautiful inside out. By performing
these rituals and practices the person especially women can enhance their
beauty, ambience and elegance.

When a person performs wuduh or ablution, he performs 26 precise
movements 5 times a day and this prescription is for optimum health and
vigor. Allah says in Quran:

“O ye who believe! When ye prepare for prayer, wash your faces, and your
hands (and arms) to the elbows; Rub your heads (with water); and (wash)
your feet to the ankles. If ye are in a state of ceremonial impurity, bathe
your whole body. But if ye are ill, or on a journey, or one of you cometh

from offices of nature, or ye have been in contact with women, and ye find
no water, then take for yourselves clean sand or earth, and rub therewith
your faces and hands, Allah doth not wish to place you in a difficulty, but to
make you clean, and to complete his favor to you, that ye may be grateful.”
(Chapter 5, Verse 6)

Who is Shaytan?

Shaytan a.k.a. Satan is the enemy of mankind.  He is Iblees and is one of the jinn.  We learn about Shaytan so that we can be aware of who he is and we can learn how to avoid him.  What is the wisdom behind the creation of Shaytan?  This wisdom includes the idea that struggling with Shaytan and his allies is an example of completing one’s servitude to Allah (SWT).  For example, saying Audhubillah when we get an evil thought from Shaytan is a form of worship.  The creation of Shaytan is a test and a manifestation of Allah’s complete power.  We now appreciate the opposite more.  We fear sin now because of Shaytan as Allah’s complete control and ownership is demonstrated.  The creation of Shaytan is a manifestation of Allah’s complete wisdom and we should praise Allah for suppressing the Shaytan and showing His Patience.

We may be wondering what is the wisdom behind Iblees’s prolonged life?.  Possible answers could include the fact that with Iblees present, it is harder for humans in this life.  Therefore, the reward for doing good will be multiplied many times over.  Additionally, with a prolonged life, Iblees will be able to accumulate many more sins over time.  Considering this, the punishment for Iblees in the Hereafter will be greater and equal to the amount of sins he created.  One more explanation on why Iblees has a prolonged life is due to Allah’s Justice.  Iblees was very righteous and committed before he refused to bow down to Adam.  Therefore, Allah (SWT) has prolonged Iblees’s life so that he is not able to have any leeway on the Day of Judgment (opinion of Ibn Taymiyyah).  The story of Iblees refusing to bow down to Adam is a proof to show that jinn were created before humans.  The Holy Quran says, “When we said to the Angels, ‘Bow down to Adam,’ they bowed down except Iblees.  He was one of the jinn” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 18:50).

Ibn Taymiyyah held the opinion that Iblees is “the father” of all jinn just as Adam is the father of mankind.  Furthermore, from all jinn is produced a qareen for every human.  A qareen tries to seduce his subject by giving one evil thoughts or bad dreams.  Even Rasoolullah (SAW) had a qareen as he told Aisha (ra) in Sahih Muslim.  However, Rasoolullah (SAW) was protected from his qareen as his qareen helped him in doing good.  The Holy Quran says, “If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of (Allah) the Most Merciful, We appoint for him a Shaytan, to be an intimate companion to him” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 43:36).

Indeed, Shaytan is the enemy of mankind.  “Verily, Shaytan is an enemy to you so treat him as an enemy.  He only invites his adherents that they may become dwellers of the blazing Fire.” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 35:6).  Iblees will never become Muslim.  We must treat him as our enemy and not friend him.  Shaytan will always try to deceive us as this is his ultimate goal.  His promise can be found in the Holy Quran (Surat al-Araf, 7:16-17 & Surat al-Israa, 17:62-64).  We must be aware of Shaytan at all times.  We need to make sure that we never make Shaytan our enemy in public, yet he is our best friend in private.  Shaytan tries to hurt us the most at the moment of death.  If we cannot withstand Shaytan when he is not fully focused on us in our everyday life, then how do we expect to withstand him at our moment of death?  Therefore, let us understand the evils of Shaytan and do our best to avoid him.  We should always say Audhubillah when we receive an impure thought.

Hazrat Bilal ibn Rabah (RA)

Bilal ibn Rabah 480x368 Hazrat Bilal ibn Rabah (RA)

Bilal ibn Rabah who is commonly known as Hazrat Bilal al-Habshi was among those people who accepted Islam in the early stages. He basically belonged to the area of Habash, nowadays known as Ethiopia. Being a slave of Umayyah ibn Khalaf who was indeed a cruel man, Hazrat Bilal’s life was very difficult.

His heart was pure so when Holy Prophet (PBUH) starts preaching Islam openly, His teachings inspired Bilal (RA) and he accepted Islam. This was a clear proof that Islam actually provides a scenario in which every person could live in equality. (more…)

Cult That Are Misleading Muslims

Allah’s messenger told the Muslims “He who innovates something in this matter of ours (Islam) that is not of it will have it rejected” Bukhari & Muslim

Imam Ahmad Raza Khan RAH and other religious scholars have discussed about many different schools of thoughts that consider Shaitaan as their guide or Murshid. Muslims should only consult and follow true religion based on Quran and Sunnah. Following the cults will definitely direct Muslims in the wrong directions that will cause the rage of Allah. Followers of cults are the slaves of darkness and illiteracy.

The wicked deceivers criticize the teachings of Ulema. They jeer, mock and spread misconceptions such as Ulema and Fuqraa differ from each other and they have lots of differences in their thoughts and preaching.  These evil jesters question on the most educated and qualified Ulema and cast doubts about their veracity.  They criticize them, declare them as “pundits”, and claim that they should show off their spiritual powers and show evidence in the form of miracles like Prophets of Bani Israel.

Heretics that are self pro-claimed saints Walis and Dervaishs say that following Shari’ah is only essential as long as a person has not found the true path.  Once the person stops searching and have adopted Sufism to become closer to Allah, it is not required. He can stop following Shari’ah once he has done Ba’ait and reached his destination as per his disillusion and ill faith.

So-called Peers is another group of people that is very active in creating misconceptions in the hearts of the innocent Muslims. These are uneducated, uncultured and uncultivated so called Peer’s or Murshids who read various books and claim that they have real knowledge or Ilm e Laduni. In fact, these people only have information collected from various sources. Half truth is more lethal than the whole lie. Moreover, they deny the position of prestigious religious scholars or Iyema karaam and present them as learned and competent faculty in various fields of Shari’ah and Fiqah.

Part 2

Rashaadites or Submitters believe that Rashaad Khalifa is messenger of Allah SWT (Naozbillah). This cult is misguiding Muslims by preaching to emphasize only upon Quran and ignore the sayings our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAS. They have rejected two of the verses of Holy Quran and have changed the method of ablution and prayers as well.

Habashi or Al Ahbash: are the followers of Abdullah Al-Harawi Al-Habashi also known as Sheikh Al-Fitnah. He was known to have strange characteristics that matched with those of the Jews and invented many innovations.

Ismaili religious group is another cult that is not following the Quran and Sunah. The Ismailis follow Agha Khan who declared him as mazhar of manifest of Allah SWT on earth (Naozbillah).

Believers in Ahmadiyyia or more popular Qadiani Movement in the subcontinent have the most erroneous beliefs. Ahmadi or Qadiani follow the false prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. They have rejected not only Holy Quran but jihad also and believe in the incarnation like the Hindus.

Nation of Islam is another cult that is based on blasphemies and they are definitely not in the circle of Islam with their so-called beliefs. One of the famous Nation of Islam followers was Malcom X who converted from Christian to so-called Muslim. Later on, he embraced Sunni Islam and performed pilgrimage.

The real Islam is the same described by the Holy Quran and Sunah. There is no need of bringing any innovations in Islam but yes, we need to check on our beliefs if they are the same as of the true believers or not.

Searching For a Murshid – Healer of the Hearts

I woke up to the harsh reality of being alone in this entire world. All my fellow passengers were no more with me. And, I could find no trace of any being near me. I walked for miles and kept on walking on the trodden trails until I reached a spring. I sat on a large rock and put my legs in the freezing water. The icy water was giving me refreshing feelings and let go of the heat escaping through my eyes, hair and from the back of my neck. It was relaxing. I closed my eyes and felt like drowning in the serene numbness. It was reaction of the cold mountain water. My mind was no longer attentive to the pains and the aches. Everything was fading away.

I was losing memories of what had happened to me all these times while I was in the journey. My pains were leaving my body as it turned cold and numb. At last, I am where I meant to be – relaxed – not aware of my surroundings – tired but still keeping little hope inside me. I was near to my destination. Yes, I am finally there.

I had forgotten my path. I was astray but now I feel I am there. The fountain oozing out of the mountainous grounds will take me directly to where I need to belong. I need to belong to those valleys of love where springs and lakes give birth to idyllic banks. I need to belong to those high wild mountains where flowers in vivacious colors bloom at dawn. Where I can touch the clouds and feel the wind beneath my arms, caressing the sides of my body as I spread my arms – I am ready to embrace the realities – no more give me pain – I am ready to jump in the ocean of rainbow colors –  I am absorbing all the energies like a sponge in water. I am flying and flying and flying again.

When a person wakes up after long sleep, he finds out that all he saw or did was in his dream. A long dream that sometimes looks so real. Waking up also means getting rid of false ego – false notions – false truths. The world with its so much charm is nothing more than but beautiful illusion. No one can live in his or her dreams forever. So, one day every being or nafs wakes up to find him all alone in the jungle. He is left alone because all those who were with him left behind, as they could not break the spell. Like that, story where the people were warned not to look back and if they did they would be turned into stones. Same way if the person cannot give up the thoughts of what he left behind he can lose his track and concentration – turn into a stone.

That trodden path or trail is the same track many people before him had walked on. It is full of dangers and risks. It is not easy but every person who wanted to reach the destination had to be on it. Perhaps, the right path is the most difficult thing to follow but those who wanted to reach the fountains of real knowledge or ilm had never left their heart. The springs of Noor or Divine Light ooze out of the illuminated heart. Those who had given up on their Nafs or Ego are the owners of such illuminated hearts. From their heart comes out the wisdom – the true words – the real love and blessed are those who reach to them for the connection of their heart to them.

When the seeker finds the true healer of hearts or Murshid he knows he has come to his final destination. His worldly lust will now leave him forever and he will find peace in the feet of his master or Murshid. The search for Murshid keeps him perturbed and he remains anxious after the awakening begins.  His curiosity never subsides until he drowns him in the waters of spring. He feels calm and relaxed and wants to start from scratch. Knowing only this time he is going to find a way to please Him SWT at last. His quest begins in the dark corners of his heart and ends in the bright circle of Noor. After finding the Murshid he has done him a great big favor and now he can find some time to relax.

The true Murshid will intoxicate him with the true love and let him drown in the ocean of Noor. The real Murshid can adorn his heart with wisdom – let him recognize the true path to reach Falah or the higher level of tranquility and peace. The one who is sent by Allah SWT will release the heart of the seeker of all doubts, fears, and illusions and inform him of the unseen and hidden qualities, attributes and capabilities. He shall remove the veils of darkness and falsehood and at the same time prepare him for the eternal realities.

The seeker will now feel no more lonely and alone. He will find more like him and they are his true relations made by heart. Every seeking heart for truth shall connect the other heart beseeching Divine. The one who has the questions in his or her heart to know the reality of his or her being, presence on earth and the true spirit of Deen should find them true masters to keep them safe. Satanic interventions are stronger in the heart of true seeker so he or she may refrain from all those activities that bring him or her in a problematic situation.

Get in touch with your real healer of heart and get cured by his words, his intentions and prayers. To seek the true healer, Murshid, or teacher there is a way. First of all, Ask Allah ji SWT for the trace of real Murshid for you and then search the person who is following Quran and Sunah in the highest manner and who is soft spoken, well versed with Fiqa, Tafseer and Shira, equipped with latest scientific knowledge, psychology, philosophy, social sciences. The real Murshid will have all the qualities to be superior to others and he will be the true successor of Aqa Kareem our Beloved Prophet Sallalaho alay hi wasalam.

Journey of A Nafs Part 3

His heart has turned into the heart of one who is caring for humankind. He has been blessed with satisfaction to his soul and this time he is so sure of the source. His life is perfect with no chains of worldly passions and he has learned to live according to the will of Allah SWT.

Did you wonder if this was the final developmental stage of nafs or this is as far as it can go? Then you are very wrong. It was just the awakening – just the beginning of another life – another realm – another world. This is not the end of the story.

His heart is beginning to attune with the nature and the Creator. He finds him free of so many chains and now is the time to fly with no weight of sins upon the shoulder – the biggest sin for him from this point onwards will be to be disobedient.

His disobedience will be to remain ignorant of the feeling of his Beloved Lord. His absence or ignorance from observing the name of Allah SWT could cost him to pay a lot in form of regrets and bring his heart to the remorse. Now he will not cry for the unfulfilled desires, broken promises, and loss of health, wealth or love. These were all worldly desires. He comes out of the shadows of pain and sheds no tears except for the sake of his separation from his Beloved Allah SWT.

When he is in pain, he would not complain because he feels it is meant for his good. He objects to nothing and never develops regrets. He is grateful, and thankful and obliged all the time. He has surrendered his will for the Will to Allah SWT and fully turned towards His Lord Allah Almighty SWT. This is called the Nafs of Radiyah.

The moment he crosses the 5th stage of nafs strange development starts happening in him. All of a sudden, he is selected to be given the awareness of true realities. He is at an exalted place and now he is in position to receive the direct orders from his Lord. He is told to spread the knowledge – the real knowledge of the true path – the blessed knowledge of the blessed path. He sees the worldly desires come in front of him and he turns his face away.

He has everything yet he owns nothing. He has all power given by Allah SWT and yet he does not use his power unless permission granted by Allah SWT. He could be Murshid/Shiekh or the teacher and have many obedient pupils.

He could be very rich, very highly educated or simply an illiterate person working in the fields. Nobody can know the real identity of this person. He has grown fond of silence and he hardly says anything but what his Allah SWT allows him to utter. He remains indulged in the beauty and charm of his true Beloved and the inner realms. The rest seems of no interest or values so little.

He must have been born lucky or perhaps some sort of act or good deed has brought him far. He was alone in this long journey. But these are just manmade assumptions. We can never be able to know how/why/when. All we can say that he wished and was chosen as per the order of the Generator – The Orator – the Designer – in short, Allah Subhana Wa Tallah. He is now at the stage of Nafs of Mardiyah. He is now a teacher, a healer, a contemplator, a believer and a true lover.

The final and the highest stage that a nafs can achieve and bear is by selecting the highest degree of attainment and perfection as this stage is called the Nafs of Pureness. Not many can reach to this stage so high and exalted. It is not in the hands of any person to bring anyone to this final destination and stage of nafs. It is only the will and order of Allah SWT to choose anyone among His SWT servants.

The stage that the person has reached with all the efforts and obedience – the place where there is nothing but the Noor of Allah SWT. His heart illuminates with the blessing and kindness of Allah SWT.

He is now ready to take on the responsibilities imposed by Allah SWT. He can be a Saint of some high order or somebody not visible to the people. He prays and his prayers are heard. He thinks and he is granted. He is given without wanting. He is rewarded with the true love from the Allah SWT. He knows and shares all the secrets of hearts. He is given the strength to sow the seed of love in an unfertile womb.

He is given the strength to change the things to benefit others by supplication and he is given the highest place among his fellowmen. Only a few could come this far and some of them went further. Beyond the limits of this world, there is another world where the advanced knowledge is and there seems to have no limits. It is only the Creator and slaves of His SWT servants of Allah SWT know.

Nafs of the man has immense powers and strengths given by Allah SWT. The person can explore and expose some of them. Use the powers but only if one has given up on the ego and surrendered his will, his desires, his dreams and his ego in front of Allah SWT. He has to be ready to serve and stand in front of his Lord and Beloved, from dawn till dusk. Allah is One and Only, and only He SWT can bring the tranquility and peace of mind. The rest Allah knows the best.

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