I woke up to the harsh reality of being alone in this entire world. All my fellow passengers were no more with me. And, I could find no trace of any being near me. I walked for miles and kept on walking on the trodden trails until I reached a spring. I sat on a large rock and put my legs in the freezing water. The icy water was giving me refreshing feelings and let go of the heat escaping through my eyes, hair and from the back of my neck. It was relaxing. I closed my eyes and felt like drowning in the serene numbness. It was reaction of the cold mountain water. My mind was no longer attentive to the pains and the aches. Everything was fading away.

I was losing memories of what had happened to me all these times while I was in the journey. My pains were leaving my body as it turned cold and numb. At last, I am where I meant to be – relaxed – not aware of my surroundings – tired but still keeping little hope inside me. I was near to my destination. Yes, I am finally there.

I had forgotten my path. I was astray but now I feel I am there. The fountain oozing out of the mountainous grounds will take me directly to where I need to belong. I need to belong to those valleys of love where springs and lakes give birth to idyllic banks. I need to belong to those high wild mountains where flowers in vivacious colors bloom at dawn. Where I can touch the clouds and feel the wind beneath my arms, caressing the sides of my body as I spread my arms – I am ready to embrace the realities – no more give me pain – I am ready to jump in the ocean of rainbow colors –  I am absorbing all the energies like a sponge in water. I am flying and flying and flying again.

When a person wakes up after long sleep, he finds out that all he saw or did was in his dream. A long dream that sometimes looks so real. Waking up also means getting rid of false ego – false notions – false truths. The world with its so much charm is nothing more than but beautiful illusion. No one can live in his or her dreams forever. So, one day every being or nafs wakes up to find him all alone in the jungle. He is left alone because all those who were with him left behind, as they could not break the spell. Like that, story where the people were warned not to look back and if they did they would be turned into stones. Same way if the person cannot give up the thoughts of what he left behind he can lose his track and concentration – turn into a stone.

That trodden path or trail is the same track many people before him had walked on. It is full of dangers and risks. It is not easy but every person who wanted to reach the destination had to be on it. Perhaps, the right path is the most difficult thing to follow but those who wanted to reach the fountains of real knowledge or ilm had never left their heart. The springs of Noor or Divine Light ooze out of the illuminated heart. Those who had given up on their Nafs or Ego are the owners of such illuminated hearts. From their heart comes out the wisdom – the true words – the real love and blessed are those who reach to them for the connection of their heart to them.

When the seeker finds the true healer of hearts or Murshid he knows he has come to his final destination. His worldly lust will now leave him forever and he will find peace in the feet of his master or Murshid. The search for Murshid keeps him perturbed and he remains anxious after the awakening begins.  His curiosity never subsides until he drowns him in the waters of spring. He feels calm and relaxed and wants to start from scratch. Knowing only this time he is going to find a way to please Him SWT at last. His quest begins in the dark corners of his heart and ends in the bright circle of Noor. After finding the Murshid he has done him a great big favor and now he can find some time to relax.

The true Murshid will intoxicate him with the true love and let him drown in the ocean of Noor. The real Murshid can adorn his heart with wisdom – let him recognize the true path to reach Falah or the higher level of tranquility and peace. The one who is sent by Allah SWT will release the heart of the seeker of all doubts, fears, and illusions and inform him of the unseen and hidden qualities, attributes and capabilities. He shall remove the veils of darkness and falsehood and at the same time prepare him for the eternal realities.

The seeker will now feel no more lonely and alone. He will find more like him and they are his true relations made by heart. Every seeking heart for truth shall connect the other heart beseeching Divine. The one who has the questions in his or her heart to know the reality of his or her being, presence on earth and the true spirit of Deen should find them true masters to keep them safe. Satanic interventions are stronger in the heart of true seeker so he or she may refrain from all those activities that bring him or her in a problematic situation.

Get in touch with your real healer of heart and get cured by his words, his intentions and prayers. To seek the true healer, Murshid, or teacher there is a way. First of all, Ask Allah ji SWT for the trace of real Murshid for you and then search the person who is following Quran and Sunah in the highest manner and who is soft spoken, well versed with Fiqa, Tafseer and Shira, equipped with latest scientific knowledge, psychology, philosophy, social sciences. The real Murshid will have all the qualities to be superior to others and he will be the true successor of Aqa Kareem our Beloved Prophet Sallalaho alay hi wasalam.