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Rights of wives and husbands in Islam

Islam has given equal rights to men and women. They are exactly the same with exception of a very few. Allah Subhana Wa Taallah has given men more power than women; this is because men are supposed to protect their women. In Islam a woman is not supposed to contact any male except for those in blood relations, but if a situation occurs then she should lower her gaze and then talk to the Na-Mahram. Same goes for men.

husband wife islam Rights of wives and husbands in Islam

Women are supposed to keep themselves covered except for their face, hands and feet. The relationship of a man and women in Islam is very beautiful. It’s all about men protecting their wives and wives giving their endless love and respect to their husbands. The home of a wife and husband is very noble, Allah Subhana Wa Taallah commanded both spouses to take care of each other and their trust. If a wife or husband doesn’t like a person then they should not be allowed to enter the house. The husband’s rights of a wife are that they should be treated with kindness, they should be fed well, and
they should be kept in good manner and should be talked with gentle politeness.

The husband should provide her with good clothes and keep her safe. If a person wants to visit a marital home then the wife should ask her husband for permission, if the husband declines then the person should not be invited in. But if the husband remains silent on the matter, then the wife should think of it herself.

A husband has no right to stop her wife from visiting her parent’s place once a week.

If a wife does something out of ignorance then the husband should forgive her if the wife asks for forgiveness. If a wife is involved in adultery then the husband can divorce her only after he confirms the situation. If a wife doesn’t wish to have sexual intercourse then the husband should not force her, intercourse is only acceptable when both spouses are equally willing to fulfill their desires. A wife has the complete right of being clean, applying scent and wearing good clothes for her husband’s eyes only.

For a successful marriage, both spouses should respect each other; they should have mutual understandings and should be confident with their trust. They should not cheat and respect each other’s needs. Husband and wife should trust on each other because it is important for a strong relationship.

Domestic Violence – does Islam permit beating wives?

December 16th, 2012
by Sufia

The beating wives is a very common issue in Islamic and non-Islamic worlds. Whether it is east or west this problem is very common. Many reasons for these are psychological illness, trauma, tensions, stress and depression.

Many men like the adrenaline rush they feel after beating their wives. In the east most women think that it’s obligatory for a husband to beat the wife as in tradition, and most of the time they don’t complain.

Muslim women beaten Domestic Violence does Islam permit beating wives?

Whereas in the west, wives do complain and they take the matter to the police and courts, in most of the cases the husbands are jailed or they are charged with heavy fines.  The western world thinks that Islam is a religion, which is against women’s rights. They think that Islam has given them inferior rights and the cases of women and wife abuse are highest in the eastern world.

This all is false except for the fact that cases of wife abuse are high in the east. The reasons for this are that most people are illiterate and they have incomplete knowledge about religion. In reality Islam doesn’t permit the beating wives.

The Holy Quran is the book containing Allah Subhana Wa Taallah revelation, nowhere in the Quran it is mentioned to beat a wife. Neither has the Prophet Muhammad Sallalaho Alayhi Wasalam encouraged the beating of wives. In Islam, women and men are same; they have been given the same rights except by a few. Those few rights are different because men and women are different in genders. The Quran and Hadith tell us that women should be treated with gentleness and kindness, whether it is a wife,
sister, mother or a daughter.

Allah Subhana wa Tallah has given the men more strength than women.

This is because men are supposed to protect their women and be their maintainers. And if a wife is disloyal then the man should
only admonish them, then should not sleep in their beds and then just tap them lightly. Islam doesn’t allow the beating  wives.

Prophet Muhammad Sallalaho Alayhi Wasalam himself addressed many men not to beat their wives, those wives who visit him complaining about their husband’s beatings, the Prophet used to say that those men are not good for them.

Islam has given the rights to the women who are continually abused by their husbands to be separated from them, and if the situation continues then they could have a divorce. Most of people consider that Islam forces severe restrictions for women, but this is wrong..


Jobs, Women in Islam and rights

December 15th, 2012
by Sufia

Women in Islam are granted numerous rights, as their status is considered equal to men. Women are suppose to be given the right of getting higher education, to attend mosques, the right to marriage by their own consent, to do jobs and even business. Women have the right to go outside home and in the community.

Tunisian women Jobs, Women in Islam and rights

Nowadays when we look around the world we see that those countries are progressing where there is less gender discrimination and where women are working side by side with men. Women are the ones who turn out to be the best teachers. They mold the young minds of today for a better tomorrow. Islam doesn’t prohibit women from working. In fact Islam allows them to even do business and keep all the money to themselves and spend it the way they like. Islam only asks that a woman should be modest in her dress and protect herself and her chastity.

Women suffered a lot before the advent of Islam but slowly and gradually they were granted rights and freedom as Islam spread in the vast corners of the world. Women started to know their rights and started to live their life the way they want to. Women however,are still suffering in some parts of the world, and it is the duty of the Muslims to help and support their sisters.

Many religious scholars speak in the favor of women right

If you take a sneak look at their household, you may find their own women cladded and wrapped in the veils in the name of so-called Islam within the boundaries of their home or inside the four walls. It is not Islam devoid the woman of any of her rights. The so-called Muslims have used Islam to suppress the women. What needs to be changed is this thinking and of course, women can do this if they get united and trained. A good mother can bring about change in the society by giving proper training and guidance to her male children.

She can put good seeds in their minds and teach them from day one to respect and honor the women. These boys when turn into adult males would bring about change in their own perspective and treatment towards the opposite gender as well as that of the society. Unless the women could know themselves the qualities, they posses that they could manipulate with these attributes Allah given them they can never expect any thing changing for them in the social setup where they exist.

The muslim women inside and outside according to islam

November 26th, 2012
by Sufia

Woman in Islam, the most beautiful creation of Divine, has a very high status in Islam. They are supposed to
be treated with kindness, and the utmost of love and gentleness. Women are sensitive and fragile, yet strong emotionally. Islam focuses on defining their role, duties and responsibilities, along with their rights and what they deserve.

Women in Islam The muslim women inside and outside according to islam

The religion Islam has given the women the freedom to choose and specified the role, rights and duties. Women are supposed to be modest and there is no permission for adultery of any type. Muslim women can marry any adult male with her own sweet will and if she is not satisfied with her man she can take Khullah and marry another. The right to choose her mate is given to the woman in Islam.

Islam is the religion of love and peace

It is based on code of conducts for everyone. Every man, woman,
child, old, free or slave have been given real guidance to spend their lives happily in this world and

According to Islam, women are not allowed and encouraged to date men, meet them alone
or in public and if meeting a namehrum is necessary at all they are required to take their father, brother,
son or husband with them. All men who are her blood relation are called mehrum and with whom she
can marry, are known as namehrum.

A woman has all the right to educate herself, by going to colleges or universities, work in a field and
adopt any profession, but interaction with the opposite gender is not at all allowed. If they need to
interact, they have been given a certain guideline.

For example, they should be covered properly and their dress should hide all their body parts except face, hands and feet. It is not mandatory to wear a long black gown known as Burqa, abaya but if they choose to wear a dress, it should not be revealing, so not to cause of any sort of physical attraction.

Being a mother in islam

Being a mother is a very important role. Women are taught at an early age to care for their siblings
and learn the duties and responsibilities it takes to care and raise respectable children. Through their
childhood, through their parents, they are disciplined and taught to respect their elders and peers. This
is very important, as this will be handed down to their children and down the line of generations. Raising
children and giving them, Islamic awareness along with worldly education is the foremost duty of a
Muslim mom.

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