1. A man with his dua can change his destiny.
2. Many people ignore two of Allah’s blessings: health and leisure.
3. It should use five things: life before death, health before illness, leisure beforeoccupancy, the youth before old age and wealth before poverty.
4. Jealousy destroys good deeds as fire burns the wood.
5. The strongest is a man who restrain themselves in anger.
6. The mother and father Muhammad a.s. were called Abdullah Amina.
7. Woman getting married four things: beauty, origins, wealth and faith.
8. A martyr in heaven will have seventy-two HURIJA.
9. Allah most hated permitted divorce.
10. In Islam it is forbidden sorrowful lamentation complaining for the dead.
11. The angels are praying daily for the donor of charity.
12. Charity increased wealth and extinguishes the sins like water extinguishes fire.
13. A Muslim is allowed to use a lie to reconcile two quarreling Muslims.
14. Etiquette entering the house are: not to enter without permission, knock three times,do not look through the window or the keyhole or overhear.
15. The one who seduced another’s wife no longer belongs to us (Muslims).

16. To whom Allah wants good, place him on trial.
17. Muslims and Muslim women have to shave shy places, to remove underarm hair.
18. It is forbidden to blow the hot food to cool down.
19. Disliked to refuse to accept a gift from someone, and do not respond to the food when it is offered.
20. Muhammad a.s. of worldly things loved wife and smells.
21. Alcohol is the mother of all evils.
22. Be sure to host an guests for three days, and after all it is a charitable fund.
23. A man can not defend his wife to go to the mosque.
24. A woman is not allowed to let anyone into the house without her husband’s consent.
25. Disliked a Muslim man to carry a small bathroom standing up.
26. The man who forgives, Allah further enhances the reputation.
27. A woman who dies in childbirth have the level of martyrs.
28. The girl can not marry without her father’s permission.
29. A woman should take her husband’s surname upon marriage.
30. Who point out the good, is reward as the one who do this work.