What Everyone Should Know About Islam 480x614 What Everyone Should Know About Islam

If we said that from the times we live in a war against Islam and Muslims, we would not be mistaken. But should to know that this war does not come in arms, so that is killing innocent Muslims. War is being fought, and some other assets, and seeks to prove that Islam is backward, that is not for advanced civilizations, etc. Of course, this”evidence” is not done with anything other than the lies of Islam and the Islamic religion law – Sharia. However, anyone who sincerely wants to know about Islam and Islamic religion law will be able to see very easily that there is nothing but a way to happiness and prosperity in both worlds. Islam and Islamic laws are codes of life, the teaching is based on ethics and it is the best prescribed way of leading life toward the right direction.

Earlier Islamic scholars who spoke about the Sharia and its intentions were reminded that the goal of implementation of the Sharia to benefit and eliminating damage, not only in the hereafter, but on this world too.

Its obligation of all Muslims to show the others the beauty of Islam, primarily through their behavior and actions. This is the very thing that would cause a large number of people entering the aegis of Islam since the time of revelation, until today, and the best proof of this we find if we look at the latest biography of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Besides high obligation of Muslims and Muslim women is also that through the contact and conversation with the people speaks about the beauty of Islam, because we live in a time when Islam is trying to be presented in a different way. Anti Islam forces are focussing on presnting the twisted image of this divine religion and faith holders. Islam is nothing but love, harmony and peace. There is no hatred or prejudice has any place in the Islamic teachings. The divine religion focusses on the change of heart and the actions would follow. But, there are lot of misconceptions and wrong assumptions, acquisitions and blasphamous statements against Islam. That is why our great obligation is to explain to people the beauty of Islam, because knowledge of the beauty of Islam for Muslims increases their loyalty, love and devotion to religion. Those who were deviated from Islam they have a great opportunity to convince their veracity, and to accept to be saved in this world and the hereafter.

Islam, indeed, exudes the beauty (and wisdom) of each command, prohibition,regulation, quality, incentive…