It is believed by most of the people in the West that the word “Jihad” refers to terrorism in the Muslim world. Unfortunately, those people fail to realize that this is a pure misconception. This concept has been made famous by the anti-Islamic groups who portray the picture of Islam in a bad way. They fail to realize that Islam is a religion of peace and tranquility. It never promotes terrorism as it is understood in the world today.

The Arabic word “Jihad” means, to strive. And in Islam, the words Jihad means”to strive in the way of Allah”. This definitely does not mean to kill or murder innocent people. Rather, it means to try your level best to promote the good teachings of Islam and protect the religion. There are many levels of jihad. Jihad with pen, jihad with money etc. the last type of jihad is the jihad with sword.

Jihad with pen: it refers to the efforts made by people through writing. A lot of people who have good writing and convincing skills, write for the prosperity of Islam and to discourage terrorism. Plus, people also write to depict the true picture of Islam that is being polluted by anti-Islamic parties.

Jihad with money: it refers to the efforts made by people in the way of Islam through the money they have. It can be anything from property to simple household given in Allah’s way.