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Why is Sufism Important for Learning Islam?

 Why is Sufism Important for Learning Islam?Islam is not only a religion but also Deen of every human being on this planet till the day of resurrection is formed. The true believer following the true path of Islam is bound in an agreement with Allah SWT to contemplate and meditate. Unconditional surrender to the ascendancy and supremacy of Quran and Sunnah is an obligation meant to be fulfilled for the eternal success here and hereafter.

As Allah SWT says in Holy Quran that ‘And to Him belongs all, there is in the heavens and the earth, and Deen is (rightly) His alone. Why is it, then, that you fear others the way you should fear Him (alone)? (Holy Quran 16:52)’

The Religion is not exactly the same like Deen. Deen is the complete code of life and it is not limited to the individual being or meant for his or her own salvation but it is for the whole of mankind. It has a vast meaning and has so much depth in it that cannot be completely comprehended unless the person seeks a teacher. He or she needs someone to help him understand the Deen e Islam or Deen al Haq.

Someone they need who walked on the path of Saleh and Falah or true path. Somebody who contemplated gave up on worldly desires of earning money, designation and fame but also eliminated every such desire that urged him or her to not to learn the Deen. Such a person is called the Sufi. Sufi is whom who wishes to follow the path of the true followers. The true followers of Deen are called Saints, and Sufism is what they taught to their pupils. The teaching of Saints is the real way of learning the religion and Deen of Islam. So, Sufism is the that light and source of illumination that controls, eradicates the darkness of heart and enhances the visionary skills to understand the religion and Deen e Islam.

Role of Muslims in a Non-Muslim Society

The word Muslim means “a person who acquires peace by submitting his will to Almighty God. The role of Muslim in a non-Muslim society can be divided into two categories. The first one is the action and deeds that is related to him and the other one is the actions and the deed related to the non-Muslims.

It is essential to know that, what is compulsory for a Muslim in a Muslim society is also compulsory in a Non-Muslim society like every Muslim has to believe in Allah and worship one almighty God Allah.  So a Muslim has to follow the core requirements of Islam in a Non-Muslim society too like praying five times a day, giving Zakaat etc.

In case of women, she has to wear the veil in the Non-Muslim society too. The Muslims in Non-Muslim society cannot do or follow things that are Haram in Muslim world. Like drinking alcohol and gabling is always Haram is Islam. So a Muslim has to avoid these. A Muslim in a Non-Muslim has to make peace with other so they can live in peace and harmony.  The Muslim should always help the Non-Muslim society if it is required for everyone.

How Osama Deteriorated the Image of Islam

Osama Bin Laden, the synonym of terrorism has distorted the image of Islam. Only for this guy people associate Islam with terrorism. Osama repeatedly said that what he and his group Al-Qaeda do is for the sake of Islam. They are giving out totally wrong definition of Islam. They are creating chaos all around the world by killing people, vandalizing properties and so on. These are strongly forbidden in Islam as Islam has always discouraged chaos at any point of life.

Osama used Islam to shelter his wrong deeds. He repeatedly used the word Zihad to describe his works which is completely a misconception. Overtime he provoked terrorism all around the world in the name of Islam.

In the whole Quran terrorism, killing people and all these stuffs are absolutely prohibited and those who do such are supposed to get strong punishment. Osama killed people to fulfill his wish, not for the sake of Islam. He consistently insulted Islam by creating a fallacy about the most peaceful religion in the world. The Muslim scholars always leveled his actions as illegal. He did a shameless attempt to abuse the image of Islam by the destructive works against humanity.

Human Rights and Islam

Islam is considered to be the first religion in this earth to establish human right. Prior to this it people hardly had any concern regarding their rights. Human right was bought by the people who had power and money. Other people were treated as a commodity that were bought and sold in the market.

The poor people were treated as slaves regardless of gender. Once there were rules where female child were buried alive because they were treated as burden. There was chaos everywhere. Islam at first said that all human beings equal. It made the slavery illegal and showed the people of freedom.

In every aspect of life people were order to maintain equality and harmony among them. Each and every representative of Islam followed and encouraged others to do the same. Islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood. The Quran- the Religious book of Muslims has told- “Every Muslim is a brother of each other”.

The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) along with other Prophets has showed how to maintain human right. Islam has spread the message of human rights throughout the world and if Islam is practiced properly then human rights will appear at its desired form which is yet to be achieved.

The Judgment Day in Islam

In Islam the judgment day, also known as Qiyamah, refers to the final assessment of God over humanity. On that everyone will get reward and punishment for the works they have done in their life time. According to one’s deed they will either go to heaven or hell. Every Prophet of Islam warned people of that time to have faith in this judgment day because it is one of the important beliefs of Islam.

Besides Allah, no angel or prophet has the knowledge of the time of the Judgment day. However the holy book of Islam, the Holy Quran points out that certain event will take place before the time of Judgement Day. The last prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammed, explained in details and the consequences of the judgment day knowing that it will come upon on this very humanity. The messenger of Islam has also talked about some major and minor signs prior to the final hour.

Major Signs:  The major signs of judgment day are the return of Jesus, Rising of the Sun from etc.

Minor Signs: Minor signs include drinking of alcohol, pervasiveness of ignorance and other signs like this. It is believed that on judgment day a new life will begin that will never end.

Are the Muslim really Terrorists

The current world is emphasizing at the propaganda that the Muslims are the terrorists and their religion Islam provokes terrorism. This misconception has been created because of some unfortunate incidents by a number of terrorist who admit themselves as Muslims. These people keep saying what they are doing these for the sake of Islam. They are creating a great misconception about the religion which always conveys the message of peace and brotherhood.

An entire group of religious followers should not be evaluated by the deeds of the some people who hardly know about that religion. We should consider the whole picture. There is saying- A book should not be judged merely by its cover, rather we should focus on the content. If we want to evaluate Muslims then we better analyze the Islam.

Muslims are supposed to represent peace around the world and they did in the past and also majority of them are doing this. But the people who choose the path of terrorism but ironically admit themselves as Muslim cannot be the part of it. Their works are always discouraged by Islam and they have no right to admit themselves as followers which means Muslims are not really terrorists.

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