Before the advent of Islam, the world was in total darkness. Illiterate and literate people were considered equal. There was no morality or sense of values. After Islam was introduced to the world in its final form, the whole world was enlightened. The world saw a rapid change in the Arabs. How was it so? It was because they were the people who stuck to the teachings of Islam. Sticking to Allah’s teachings gave them glory.

But after that, when they started to give priority to personal benefits rather than Allah’s commands, then the world saw that the glory they were once given was snatched away by Allah (S.W.T). And that is the precise reason why Muslims are facing hardships and calamities today. The west is labeling Muslims as terrorists or traitors. And only a small part of the Muslim World is trying its best to protect the name of their beloved religion.

Today, majority Muslims have gone astray from the path to success. They have almost forgotten the Islamic values, like the importance of Salah, and Fasting. They have gone away from the Quran. Majority of the youth don’t know what are the teachings sent by Allah in the Holy Quran.

If the Muslims start thinking about their religion and change their life styles according to the teachings of Quran, then Allah will surely reward them.