Islam has produced many great leaders. The Prophet of Islam Muhammad (S.A.W) himself was a great leader who set ideal examples of leadership. His subordinates called him a leader and master but he called himself the servant. This is the best characteristic of a leader. There are many other characteristics of a good Muslim Leader like:

  • A good leader is tactful. He knows how to handle situations and tackle people. Every wrong person must not be given a punishment to get his character straight. Sometimes any wrong thing done by any person can bring him to the rue path. A good leader knows whom to punish and to what extent.
  • A good leader is wise. He knows what strategy to adopt in any battle field. He also knows which types of people are suitable for which kind of job in the battlefield. Furthermore, he never burdens his subordinates. Plus he also boosts up his subordinates’ morale.
  • A good leader is just in making decision. All through the Islamic History, we find many example of justice form the leaders. And s good leader must follow the examples set by earlier leaders in Islam.
  • A good leader is humble at heart and graceful in personality. He doesn’t consider himself authoritative, rather serves the people under him. This makes his subordinates contented by him