As you may know that before Islam subcontinent most of the people followed Hinduism. Sikhs were also in quite a number. It is believed that Islam had started in subcontinent with the event of splitting of moon into two halves by Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh How Islam Spread in Subcontinent peace be upon him. At that time a Hindu Maharaja saw the event happening live and called his subordinates to find out who has done this miracle.

He came to know about Holy Prophet pbuh How Islam Spread in Subcontinent. He was told that there is a messenger pbuh How Islam Spread in Subcontinent of Allah who teaches oneness of God and denies any distinction or discrimination on the basis of region, color, gender or social status; he calls it religion of Islam. It is narrated that he accepted Islam as his religion. That was the start of Islam in subcontinent.

After that the major event that is believed to bring the wave of Islamic revolution in subcontinent after which most of the people started accepting Islam as their religion was the entry of Muhammad Bin Qasim. It is narrated that the Muslims had came to Sind to help the Muslims already living there. Whatever the reality is, it stands a s a solid point that the local people of subcontinent were so impressed by the believes and behavior of Muslims.

As the locals observed extreme discrimination on the basis of race, the peaceful and tolerant religion fascinated them and the started to enter the circle of Islam. The advent of Islam in subcontinent depicts the true picture of influence of one’s character on the people around.